A Brickworker Becomes Transformative STEAM Educator: Journey of Resistance, Advocacy, and Envisioning

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Netra Kumar Manandhar


My journey from brick worker to STEAM education was/is characterized by resistance, advocacy, and envisioning. Surrounded by pains, sufferings, hurdles, and economic adversities, I spent more than 18 years in several brick factories resisting the economic vulnerabilities. At the same time, I faced tremendous difficulties in educating myself in the formal and conventional/traditional nature of educational models. The similar contexts led my upper higher education till BEd in mathematics education. The duration of more than three years in my master's in mathematics education, and MPhil in STEAM education was a precious moment for me to start my journey of resisting, advocating, and envisioning life and educational practices. The journey from a brick worker to STEAM educator was the biggest challenge for me. I accepted the challenges put by my life and education system and tackled them to become more skillful, knowledgeable, and aware to solve them and develop alternative practices which are more authentic, open, critical, empowering, and inclusive for myself and others. Thus, this research portrays my journey of resisting disempowering educational practices, advocating progressive and empowering practices, and envisioning a transformative educational perspective via autoethnography as a methodology and transformative learning theory as a theoretical referent. The research is useful for educators and others to bring quality and meaningful changes in educational practices for sustainable development in education and life.  


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Manandhar, N. K. (2022). A Brickworker Becomes Transformative STEAM Educator: Journey of Resistance, Advocacy, and Envisioning. Journal of Transformative Praxis, 3(1), 59-74. https://doi.org/10.51474/jrtp.v3i1.580
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Netra Kumar Manandhar, Kathmandu University School of Education, Department of STEAM Education, Hattiban, Lalitpur, Nepal

Netra Kumar Manandhar is a lecturer at the Department of STEAM Education, Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED), Nepal. He has been teaching various courses at Master/MPhil levels and has been supervising the dissertations and research projects at KUSOED. He has presented some papers at national and international conferences and also published articles. He has been involving in developing resource materials and curriculum of school level and teachers’ manuals. He has been working with a number of Nepali teachers and teacher educators who examine their lived experiences as students, teachers, and teacher educators. He speaks and writes about pedagogical innovations, uses of technology in education, child-friendly classroom, authentic assessment, STEAM education, etc. His research interest is in STEAM education, science and technology in education, mathematics and science education, transformative educational research, and research studies on reflective practices. He may be connected by e-mail netra@kusoed.edu.np.