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Mission and Vision Statement

The vision of the School of Education is to offer high quality teacher education programs with a holistic approach, and to play a key role in developing competent teachers, trainers and educational leaders.

The mission is, therefore, to create an academic environment that prepares competent professionals who can provide high quality, up-to-date and relevant education and educational leadership in tertiary, secondary and primary levels of education in Nepal. The objectives of the School of Education are: to offer practical educational programs that provide knowledge and skills to address the current educational problems of Nepal; to develop trainers and teachers equipped with a variety of instructional skills, strategies, and methodologies required for creating effective teaching and learning environments; to produce and disseminate high quality teaching and learning materials; and to develop school managers and educational leaders with competent, effective management skills related to school programs.

Welcome !
TN Sir
Everyone involved with Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED) is united by a common desire to provide access to quality education through various post-graduate programs such as Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education, MPhil and PhD. 
In a world with many needs and opportunities, the importance of highly qualified, dedicated and inspiring educators and educational leaders cannot be underestimated. We at KUSOED are committed to preparing such educators, agents for educational change and best leaders in education.
As we continue to build this remarkable legacy, we are committed to build programs that are cutting-edge backed up by the best research and practical experience and timeless grounds on deep consideration of what it means to be an educated person.
KUSOED has a special role of both leading in education as a discipline and in the preparation of professionals to work in education. We at KUSOED help students learn how to transform lives through education. Therefore, it is important for us that our students achieve their potentials, be it about education as a discipline, as professional in education about possessing creative ideas. Whatsoever, in many different ways, our students are part of education sector in future and will develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make a real difference to learning in their communities. We look forward to working with the students, and facilitate them to grow as creative, innovative and competent workforce in education. 
I hope that any prospective graduate students strongly consider joining us for the next stage of their education as we explore how to integrate theory and practice in creative and effective ways to meet challenges of 21st century through the provision of quality education.
I would like to thank you for your continued interest to KUSOED and its programs.
Prof. Tanka Nath Sharma, PhD

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