1. Is the JrTP accredited?
This journal is in the process of getting a citation index ranking. It is an Open Access Journal. The readers and researchers can download papers without any fee or charge.

2. Is JrTP a peer-reviewed journal?
Yes, the submitted papers are reviewed blindly by three national and international reviewers.

3. What criteria are used to select the submitted papers?
All papers submitted to JrTP go through the first step –a plagiarism check. Manuscript(s) meeting the format of JrTP will be sent to the reviewers for double-blind peer-review.

4. When is the acceptance letter issued to the author?
Papers that pass the review criteria following three double-blinded peer reviews are issued an acceptance letter. It takes about 2 to 3 months to complete the process.

5. What copyright laws are used for publishing in the JrTP?
For all papers published in JrTP, the authors hold the copyright. It should be noted that any paper published previously should not be submitted to JrTP.

6. Can one author submit more than one paper for publication in JrTP?
No, only one paper from an author is accepted for publication in each issue.

7. Is there any fee for publication?
No, JrTP does not charge any form of publication fee.

8. Is JrTP indexed in Scopus or any other indexing entities?
JrTP is a refereed journal. It is working its way up and aims to quickly acquire a place in international indexing platforms.

9. What is the impact factor of JrTP?
JrTP is a refereed journal. It is working its way up and aims to acquire its impact factor assessments in the near future.

10. What policies should an author abide by for publishing through JrTP Open Access?
The authors’ paper will be freely available on the JrTP website (online) and will be asked to sign an open-access license agreement.

11. Do you need more information?
For more information, please write to us at jrtp@kusoed.edu.np

12. Do you have feedback on JrTP?
We look forward to welcoming your views and suggestions. You can reach us at jrtp@kusoed.edu.np

13. What is the duration for publishing an article?
The duration for publishing an article is 4-5 months.

14. How can I track the current status of an accepted article?
You can track the status by logging into the tracking system of the journal via your user ID and password, inserted at the time of article submission.

15. Can I submit a manuscript that was published elsewhere?
No, manuscripts must be unique and should not have been previously published.