Integrating Technopreneurship Education in Nigerian Universities: Strategy for Decreasing Youth Unemployment


  • Suleiman Suleiman Department of Educational Management and Counselling, Al-Hikmah University



Technopreneurship Education Model, Entrepreneurship, Business Intention, Nigerian Universities


As of the third quarter of 2018, the rate of unemployment stood at 23.13 percent as revealed by the National Bureau of Statistics. In view of the foregoing, this study proposes technopreneurship education as an effective strategy that can be used to reduce unemployment. Sequential mixed-methods research designs (quantitative and qualitative) were adopted for the study. The population for the quantitative part consists of 300 level students of universities in Kwara State, while lecturers and artisans in the universities formed the population for the qualitative part. Stratified, quota and random techniques were used to select 370 respondents while purposive and convenience techniques were adopted to select two lecturers and artisan. Research instruments titled “Technopreneurship Education and Business Intention Questionnaire (TBQ) and “Interview Protocol on Technopreneurship Education and Business Intention Questionnaire (IPTEQ)” were used to collect relevant data. Findings from both quantitative and qualitative methods revealed that the three dimensions of technopreneurship education (i.e., entrepreneurship course, entrepreneurship practical and internet facility) were significantly related to business intention. Also, findings show that inadequate facility and financial constraint constitute challenges that hinder technopreneurship, while adequate facility and availability of funds were perceived as the remedies to the challenges. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that government, banks and other stakeholders in education should assist universities in terms of providing financial assistance to students with business intention.




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Suleiman, Y. . (2021). Integrating Technopreneurship Education in Nigerian Universities: Strategy for Decreasing Youth Unemployment. Journal of Education and Research, 11(1), 49-76.