Dimensions of Academic Performance in the Context of Nepali Higher Education Institutions


  • Krishna Prasad Paudel School of Education, Kathmandu University




Academic Performance, Faculty Member, Higher Education, Innovation, Research


Academic performance is the driving force of academic institutions to carry out innovative ideas. This research aims to identify how the faculty members are practising their knowledge of academic activities to enhance academic discourses in their academic life. The academic discourses are determined by the academic activities of the faculty and these enhance the capabilities of both faculty members and students. In this regard, applying knowledge creation theory, the study explored the dimensions of academic activities practised by the faculty members in higher educational institutions. Adopting a survey method, the data was collected from 445 faculty members from four universities of Nepal. To identify the key dimensions of academic performance, factor analysis was used. The analysis identified four dimensions of academic performance as research and publication, innovation, interactive learning, and capacity building. The study claims that research and publication are less prioritized in Nepali academia while capacity building is identified as a new priority area in the context of university.




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Paudel, K. P. (2021). Dimensions of Academic Performance in the Context of Nepali Higher Education Institutions. Journal of Education and Research, 11(1), 29-48. https://doi.org/10.51474/jer.v11i1.497