Kathmadu University School of Education
Kathmandu University School of Education

PhD Program
PhD in Education is a three-year program requiring a minimum of 28 credit hours of course work and 40 credit hours of thesis work. It includes taught courses and thesis research supervised by a professor with expertise in the area. Core courses include advanced research methods, advanced statistics in research works, and seminar courses in research as well as in educational issues. Students may choose an area of concentration to develop expertise in a selected field (Educational Leadership, or Development Studies, or Curriculum and Instruction). The PhD in Education includes the following requirements:
Admission Requirements
Candidates for the PhD degree should have earned an MPhil Degree, or a Master’s Degree from a recognized and reputed overseas university, or two Master’s Degrees with a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 are eligible to apply.  Whatever their previous degrees be, candidates must have completed at least 17.5 years of education. In case of those who have two Master’s degrees, they must have GPA of at least 3.0 or second division in each of their degree. Candidates must also have done Dissertation in their MPhil or Master’s degree (at least in one degree with those who have two Master’s Degrees). Likewise, candidates must also show proficiency in English Language, excellent writing and oral communication skills, and a commitment to work toward improving education sector as well as toward social transformation.
Core Courses (13)
EDUC 621 – Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (3) *
EDUC 622 – Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (3) *
EDUC 521 – Research Methods in Education and Social Science (3)
EDUC 522 – Statistical Methods in Education and Social Science Research (3)
EDUC 609 – Independent Study on Research Methods (3)
EDUC 610 – Independent Study on Statistical Methods in Research (3)
EDUC 613 – Research Seminar (2+2)
* The Students have an option on two core courses EDUC 621 and EDUC 622. They can choose either EDUC 621 or EDUC 622 
Thesis (40) 
EDUC 605- Thesis Research (40)
Concentration Courses (15) 
Those students who have directly enrolled in the PhD program, without their MPhil degree in education from a respective area of the MPhil program need to select one area of specialization from the MPhil program.