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MPhil Program

MPhil in Education is a three-semester program which is market-oriented, up-to-date, reality-based, and competitive in quality. This 33 to 36 credit hours program includes core courses common to all students, an area of concentration, and research-based dissertation. Core courses provide basic skills for research and academic communication and include research methods, statistics for research, academic writing, and issue seminars. Students may choose from four areas of concentration to develop expertise in one selected field. The concentration areas are: 
(A) Educational Leadership
 (B) Development Studies 
(C) Curriculum & Instruction 
(D) Mathematics Education and 
(E) English Language Education.
 A supervised dissertation completes the program.


Candidates for the MPhil (Master of Philosophy) degree in Education should have Master's Degree in any discipline with at least 50% score in aggregate or CGPA 3.0.  However, for entry in Curriculum and Instruction candidates with MEd are preferred.  Those without MEd can also apply but they might need to take additional courses.  Likewise, for Mathematics Education, candidates must have Master’s Degree with specialization in Mathematics.  For the admission in MPhil in ELE, candidates must have M A in English language/literature or MA in English Linguistics or M Ed in English Education or MA/ M Ed in English Language Teaching or MA in Teaching of English and Second/Foreign Language from a recognized university with at least 50% score in aggregate or CGPA 3.0.


Core courses (13)          
EDUC 521 - Research Methods in Education and Social Science (3)
EDUC 522 - Statistical Methods in Education and Social Science Research (3)
EDUC 621 - Advanced Qualitative Research Methods (3)*
EDUC 622 - Advanced Quantitative Research Methods (3)*
EDUC 514- Writing for Professionals (1) 
* The Students have an option on two core courses EDUC 621 and EDUC 622. They can choose either EDUC 621 or EDUC 622 
Foundation course: 
Those students who come from disciplines other than education have to attend a foundation course: 
EDUC 515- Foundations of Education (3) (Compulsory for ELE)
Seminar courses:
EDUC 513-Seminar: Issues in Education (1+1) 
Dissertation (6) 
EDUC 505- Dissertation (6)
Concentration courses (15) 
Select one concentration from each area.
Concentration (A): Educational Leadership
HRD 520- Organizational Behavior (3) 
EDUC 531-Principles of Educational Leadership (3) 
EDUC 532- Management of Education (3)
EDUC 533- Financing of Education (3)
HRD 542- Human Resource Management (3)
Concentration (B) : Development Studies
EDUC 542- Sociology of Education (3)
EDUC 543- Program Monitoring and Evaluation (3)
EDUC 544- Economics of Education (3)
EDUC 545- Theory and Practice in Education and Development (3)
EDUC 546- Diversity Education (3)
EDUC 547- Knowledge Generation in a Globalized Context 
EDUC 548- Education, Culture and Development
Concentration (C) : Curriculum & Instruction
CNI 521- Curriculum Theories and Practices–3
CNI 531- Curriculum Development and Management–3
CNI 541-Theories of Learning and Instruction–3
CNI 551- Instructional Designs–3
Elective (any one)–3 
CNI 511- Instructional Technologies 
CNI 512- Assessment and Evaluation
CNI 513- Teacher Development
Concentration (D) : MPhil in Mathematics Education.
Concentration Courses 
MTED 562 – Dimensions of Mathematics Education (3)
MTED 568 – Teaching and Learning Issues in Mathematics Education (3)
MTED 570 – Curricula in Mathematics Education (3)
MTED 572 – Practitioner-Research in Mathematics Education (3)
MTED 590 – Comparative Mathematics Education (3)
Electives (3) (Choose any one of them) 
MTED 600 – Mathematics as Lived/Living Experiences (3)
MTED 603 – Quantitative Reasoning (3)
MTED 605 – History of Mathematics (3)
MTED 610 – Evaluation Issues in Mathematics Education (3)
MTED 630 – Ethnomathematics in Mathematics Education (3)
MTED 640 – Transformative Education Research and Practice (3)
MTED 650 – Contemporary Mathematics for Teacher Educators (3)
Concentration (E) : MPhil in English Language Education.
Concentration Courses 
ELED 551 – Trends and Issues in English Language Education (3)
ELED552 – Second Language Planning and Management (3)
ELED 553 – English Language Teacher Education and Development (3)
ELED 554 – Discourse Analysis in Applied Linguistics (3)
ELED 555 – Facets of English Studies (3)
Electives (3) (Choose any one of them) 
ELED 610 – History of English Language Education (3)
ELED 611– Evaluation issues in English Language Education (3)
ELED 612 –Transformative Education Research and Practice in English Language Education (3)